Product brochures, organization newsletters, magazines, small newspapers, and forms.
These print pieces are the work of one of our associates with more than 28 years in pre-press experience covering print shop needs to newspapers; desktop publishing to web design.
4-color newsletter newsletter in color
Hobby sales tool
This newspaper was developed as a catalog and sales tool.
Club newsletters
A newspaper can be an efficient cost-effective way to get your news out.
product instructions
Product instruction sheet for Canopy Jack.
product instructions
Set up on legal size paper.
ESCI services
Above: This is an 11x17 folded to letter size, the client wanted bright primary colors and a simple message.
Esci inside brochure
A website was designed with the text and graphics and mirrors the look. So far, both have been a big success with his clients.
product instructions
Product promotion sheet for electrical ground mats. Set up for color quick copy, short run.
WCA newsletter
A group of newsletters for a communications group.
arts festival news and prospectus
Newsletters and prospectus for an annual arts and crafts festival.
Joy to Learn magazines
"A Joy to Learn," a magazine for an elementary school teachers' consortium.

a college brochure the cover
inside of brochure A college informational brochure about classes offered.
Medical Forms Medical form
Above and at right: All sorts of complicated forms.  

This work was created by Kate Weisel for various clients in the course of her freelance business. With the exception of the Gig Harbor pieces, which she produced on a Compugraphic typesetting system while she was employed at a commercial print shop in Gig Harbor.

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