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This client wanted an informational newsletter to go out to all its customers...

...and chose us to produce it because we could handle all aspects of the job: interviewing, investigative reporting, writing, design, layout and production.

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The Supervac Quarterly began in 1991 as a simple newsletter, with an initial circulation of around 2,000. In its third year, the newsletter was re-positioned as American Sweeper magazine, which quickly became the industry's leading magazine. The publication has won APEX Awards for Publication Excellence in every year it has been published.

Recent circulation has exceeded 25,000, with a readership that includes many of America's public works professionals. The magazine also positioned the client, Schwarze Industries, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama, as the innovation leader in its industry.

All current and past issues of American Sweeper magazine are on the Internet as a component of the award-winning American Sweeper Forum.

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Joy to Learn

One of our associates produced this magazine for more than five years with an educator/editor for the Elementary School Consortium. This group met regularly to brainstorm and share ideas for teaching early grade level students in public schools.

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