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Could a new website bring your numbers back up? Have you been thinking a website may help you increase your business' bottom line?

While we continue to work in print media, we find ourselves increasingly pointed toward the seemingly limitless potential found on the Internet. This sudden explosion in the way we can communicate ideas is spellbinding, and we enjoy the impossible task of trying to explore it fully.

In January of 2000, American Proofreading Company was incorporated. Rather than having employees that must be paid regardless of workload or suitability to current projects, we have a solid network of talented freelancers. Their combined talents make us ideally suited to handle most any communications-based project.

The website programmers we use can handle your project, big or small. The resume list goes on and on. We'll be glad to provide you with references. Just let us know the kind of site you'd like to build, and we'll send you to some sites we've done that are similar in scope and interest. We have websites that employ shopping cart technology, Flash graphics, interactive bulletin boards, and just about anything else you might want on a website.

We developed and manage a large complex corporate website for Schwarze Industries, Inc. Scroll down the page for a link to this industrial site. We also maintain their Dealer Website (not public).

For over 10 years, American Proofreading Company produced the award-winning American Sweeper Forum website, which in 2005 was expanded to become WorldSweeper.com. This extensive website, which contains almost 3,000 text and photo files, is the online voice of the world power sweeping industry. The site includes interactive bulletin boards, photo galleries, video and other enhancements.

Scroll down to a partial list of sites we have built.

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We have built many sites for related industries and individual street sweeping companies across the United States

"As a professional writer, I am well aware that the introduction and the ending are traditionally considered to be the most important parts of stories. In this new medium of the Internet, however, there are no longer any real beginnings or endings to anything. The flow of information isn't static, but is rather a continuing saga in which the next chapter will be soon written - and then posted!" -- Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Who is this Ranger?

Let us know what you have in mind; we can build the site you need, on time and within your budget.

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