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Manuals Need To Be...

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...easy to read, logically organized and internally complete.

Once finished, the bottom line is that ordinary people need to be able to operate the equipment they describe.

Online capabilities are in the process of changing forever the way this material may be made available. One of the many advantages of the Internet is the ability to put information manuals online, including hot-linked topics, troubleshooting and schematics. This provides an ease of use never before possible. We also can make virtually any document available for download in Adobe's free Portable Document Format (pdf). These pdf files are easy to download and use, and the cost reductions due to reduced technical staff can be significant.

Now, if a manual is also published online, with the click of a button increasingly detailed help screens can help owners accomplish the most complex repair tasks -- on their own. The same, or similar, information can also be provided to dealer networks on password-protected website. Videos can show clips of how adjustments are made, complete with changes in sound volumes, etc.

A whole new world of possibilities is now available to go along with traditionally published manuals.


This brochure and instruction insert was set up to quick copy so the client could do some pre-sales market research.

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